About the Film Race

Are you a filmmaker or enthusiast looking for your next project? We want you!

It’s time for our 4th annual 48 Hour Film Race, presented by Garden Route Media.

We call on all filmmakers to join this event and have an epic weekend.

The Film Race is a crazy, fun-filled weekend in which you have 48 hours to write, shoot, and edit a movie. On Friday night, each team/individual will receive the genre, prop, and line of dialogue to include in their film. On Sunday night, the film is submitted digitally online.

What makes it even better is that there are great prizes to be won.

The Film Race aims to afford filmmakers the opportunity to showcase their talent and get everyone excited to make movies.

The kick-off event will be streamed on Friday 15 September at 6PM where we will give some last-minute tips and announce the start of the event. The genre, prop, and line of dialogue will be sent to teams/individuals via email at 7 PM.

How It Works

Who can enter?

Anyone who wants to make a movie can enter the race.

You can enter as an individual or as a team. (max 3 members per team)


  • Amateur

You are only allowed to use a mobile phone for filming and only use natural or existing light. You may use a microphone that is plugged into the phone. You are not allowed to use any type of grips other than a tripod. Editing can be done on the phone, a tablet, or a PC. You can ONLY use royalty-free music and SFX.

  • Semi-Pro

You are allowed to film with a DSLR or consumer-level handy cam. You are allowed to record audio with any type of microphone but recording must be done directly onto the camera while you shoot video. You are allowed to use lights, a tripod and a gimbal. NO DRONE footage allowed. You can edit on any device, but you are not allowed to make use of any visual effects that do not come standard with the editing program that you decide to use. You can ONLY use royalty-free music and SFX.

  • Professional

For this category, it is pretty much open season. You can shoot on any camera and use any grips, audio gear, and lighting. There is no limit on editing and visual effects. You are allowed to use a drone but ONLY if you can legally fly it within CAA rules.


15 -17 September 2023.

Entries closes at 12 PM on the 13th of September 2023.


3 (Minimum) – 5 (Maximum) minutes.

We’ll send you all the information you will require to complete the race, or you can find it on our website.


R72 000 of shared prizes!

Guidelines to schedule your weekend

  • Friday Night: Pre-Production – Write the script, assemble costumes and props, and plan your shoot.
  • Saturday: Production – it’s time to shoot your film.
  • Sunday: Editing and Upload – When uploading, teams submit their films along with the required paperwork. But don’t be late! You won’t be eligible for any awards if you miss the deadline – even by a minute!

Element Assignment

We will announce which elements you must include in your film at the Kick-off Event, just a few minutes before the race starts.

Elements include; a genre, a prop, and a line of dialogue.

It’s up to you to decide how to use them in your film. Individuals/teams must try and use their element in the most creative way possible. All individuals/teams will have the same required elements.

Each team in the Amateur and Semi-Pro Category will receive 2 genres, 2 props, and one line of dialogue. They must choose one genre and one prop they prefer and include it in their film with the line of dialogue assigned to them.

Each team in the Pro Category will receive 2 genres, a prop and a line of dialogue. They must choose one genre they prefer and include it in their film with their prop and line of dialogue assigned to them.

To be eligible for the race and any awards the elements must appear before the credits roll.

What can I do now?

You can watch some tips and tricks to help your movie stand out.

You can start scouting locations and getting actors (Max. 3) together now!  

You can start planning your weekend – when to write, shoot, and edit. You can allocate the roles of your production team, but remember the rules below:

  • Film content must be created during the 48-hour challenge period.
  • All material must be free of any copyright claims.
  • By entering you agree to give us non-exclusive rights to the film.
  • All films must be submitted before 7 PM on Sunday 17 September 2023. The film must be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 5 minutes. The film must be copyright cleared and contain all the element assignments issued at the kick-off event.
  • We will provide you with an opening graphic of the Film Race that must appear at the start of your film.
  • The judges’ decision is final – We are willing to argue with you about this and it won’t change anything.

All creativity must occur within the competition period: writing, rehearsing, shooting, editing, graphics, sound design, etc.


Tina Kruger

Tina Kruger is an ex-Commissioning Editor for Afrikaans Channels at Multichoice, South Africa. She completes her BA degree in Audio-visual Production Management (UJ) in 2003 and her Honours in Psychology (UJ) 2004. She has experience in writing soap, series and films. Her screenwriting debut Leading Lady, alongside co-writer Henk Pretorius from Dark Matter Studios, releases in 2014, with French Toast for Hartiwood Films, and Vir die Voëls and Jou Romeo for The Film Factory following shortly thereafter. Sterlopers, is a television series Tina co-writes with Deon Opperman for kykNET, as well as Getroud met Rugby Series 5 and GMR die Sepie. Tina also acts in shorts Andre Metstrepie and Uit die Kaskenades, as well as features Hoofmeisie and Leading Lady. Her voice is a favourite, often heard on local radio advertisements and used in television dubbing. Tina enjoys playing catalyst in youth transformation and often teaches in the field of Art and Culture and Dramatic Arts at a variety of educational institutions. Her passion for child psychology leads to her involvement in the conceptualisation, scriptwriting and directing of television programmes such as Thabang Thabong and Jakkals Jol (SABC 2) as well as the popular Lappies (Koowee).

Viljé Maritz is a South African actor (stage, television & film); television presenter & voice-over artist. He is best known to television audiences for his role as Gys Eloff in the M-Net soapie BINNELANDERS (2009-2012) and also starred as Ben King in the popular SABC3 drama series HIGH ROLLERS (2013-2017). Vilje directs numerous short films for ABS productions (2000 – current. Director and presenter on the TV show, Platteland toe (2021 – 2022). Director of a new TV Series Ouma Sarie for e TV (2022 – current 39 eps). Currently training students for ABS productions, with online classes and physical workshops, referred to as Mentor my and Advanced Speel Toneel, producing and directing short films.

Vilje Maritz

Hannes Muller

Hannes Muller is a South African actor and director known primarily for his work in theatre, particularly as the lead character in the stage play Groet die Grotman. He is also a classically trained theatre actor, writer, producer and multi-cam television director with over 40 years of industry experience. Winner, Fleur du Cap Best Director for the critically acclaimed, Antjie Somers, the first Afrikaans full-length musical, conceived of and written too. He has acted in numerous television series as well including Meester, Generations, Iemand om lief te he, Deafening Silence, Onder Draai die Duiwel Rond, Parys Parys and Donkerland.
After his national service he enrolled in Potchefstroom University for a Drama degree, he then made his professional debut at the then SWAPAC arts council in Windhoek.